If you have not read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, then you are truly missing out. If you are at all interested in modern history this is a personalized memoir account of growing up in Iran in the 1980s and coming into adulthood in the 1990s. You can also watch the movie for much of the same context and history.

It details what it means to be a child in a tumultuous war zone and trying to make sense of the lies told by powers that be, versus the truth known by family and record.

As an American it is important to understand much of these international conflicts and the roles that we play in them. For the Islamic Revolution it meant that we supported the overthrow of a dynasty for a dictatorship. Then when Iraq went to war against Iran in 1982 the U.S. supportedĀ Saddam Hussein. Which inevitably contributed to conflicts in the 2000s.

Though not an expert on these conflict and American involvement it’s important to know that we played a part well before the war on terrorism.

For more reading:

Oxford Journals


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2 thoughts on “Persepolis and Islamic Revolution

  1. indeed a very good and interesting movie. definitely something to recommend. As an Iranian I see also my own youth in this. Satrapi seems to also be a great personality from what I have read in interviews.
    Iran has also a lot of other great women, please take a look on my posts on this topic:
    http://theotheriran.com/women/ (it’s all one page so just scroll down)

    there are a lot of very surprising personalities. I hope you enjoy it.


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