Acta is the brain-child of Rebecca Lee Robinson, a recent graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and History. Acta- meaning journal in latin is meant to embody an idea of history and how it connects with modern events. The idea is to make a place where research can be done but also a place for entertainment and discussion around the ties that hold us to the past and bring us to the future.

This blog you are on now is centering around the history of Colorado in the United States of America and is a launching point of the rest of the project. Eventually those involved would love to see the blog transformed into a website and app that reaches to endless places around the world and through History.

For more information please watch our video, follow us on Facebook and keep in touch.

Rebecca Lee Robinson graduated with her undergraduate degree in December 2014 and is currently working on her masters in International Journalism in the hope to continue with ACTA and possibly work in travel journalism. Through her personal travels she has found that history seeps into the tiniest cracks in the world and binds people together in hidden but exciting ways.

For more information on her work with digital history, travels, and more visit her website at http://www.rebeccaleerobinson.com.



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